The Yellow Bun House

Let us introduce this smart and spectacular “Do Good House”.

It brings strong environmental protection comsciousness and helps people to cherish what we have, get closer to the lands, and preserve a better place for our Planet Earth.

The “Do Good” of Do Good House means “take a nap”, originated from a dialect in Taiwan. The owner, Steven Ho, is a retired math teacher. He wants to do good things for the environment and sets this spot as his base for beach cleaning and promoting natural farming. And this very house is built for slightly taking a short break during his hardwork. Do Good House has won the First Prize in the first Green Construction in Taiwan competition and defeated many other well-known and experienced architects regarding the innovative ideas and construct skills.

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Because our place is surrounded by the ocean and mountains and very rainy,one of our school teachers fell and injured due to the damp and slippery floor during the research. And how amazing that we have found out that damp does not affect Do Good House at all. So we also put that feature in our project.